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Your Gateway to Acadian Beats,
Voices, and Joie de Vivre

CKJM: Echoes of Acadia.
Where Every Show Tells a Story

Welcome to the heart of Acadian and Francophone community engagement at CKJM, where every show is a journey through the vibrant cultural landscape of Cape Breton. We're here not just to entertain but to inform, serve our communities, and shine a spotlight on local artists, fostering a rich musical heritage that resonates with every note played and word spoken.

Our programming is a celebration of all things Acadian, from the latest news and community insights to the melodies that define our shared identity. Dive into our array of shows and podcasts, where the warmth and vibrancy of Acadian life come alive, connecting you to the rhythms of Cape Breton. Here, every broadcast is an invitation to experience the joy, culture, and spirit of our community, making CKJM your home for local entertainment and information. Join us on this remarkable journey, where every moment on the airwaves is a rendezvous with the soul of Acadia.

11am - 12pm: Ton Jukebox Country

Today's hits and yesterday's classics, the rare gems we rediscover, emerging artists, veterans, and legends - all will be featured, with a touch of humor! This show is co-hosted by Steven Levac and Martin Villeneuve.

6pm - 7pm: Coup d'archet by Claude Bourgeois

Claude Bourgeois hosts a one-hour show packed with violin tunes from here and afar. Tune in to discover tracks from Brent Aucoin, Arthur Muise, Colin Grant, Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, and many others.

7pm - 9pm: Music variée 

Every Monday night, Wayne promises to entertain you with a variety of musical styles. One week you might hear nothing but Oldies, and the next week, a special 2-hour show featuring local music, country, pop, choirs, and soft music - whatever you desire! Wayne dedicates many hours each week to give you a taste of something different week after week.

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CKJM Podcasts
Tune Into Acadia Anytime, Anywhere

Explore CKJM's podcasts on Mixcloud, your gateway to the heartbeats of Acadia at your convenience. Whether you're craving the rich melodies of local artists, seeking insights from community leaders, or looking to catch up on the latest news, our podcasts bring the essence of Cape Breton's culture directly to your ears. Our curated collection ensures you never miss a beat of your favorite shows, allowing you to dive into the vibrant world of Acadian and Francophone life on your schedule. Visit CKJM on Mixcloud  and carry the spirit of Acadia with you, wherever you go.

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