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CKJM: Your Beacon of Acadian Joy and Culture

CKJM has woven its story into the fabric of Cape Breton since 1991, blossoming from a shared community vision into a beacon of Acadian culture and connectivity. Our foundation was laid by a group of passionate individuals who saw the power of radio to unite, educate, and entertain, culminating in our first broadcast in 1995. Since then, CKJM has been a steadfast voice for the Acadian people, celebrating our heritage and promoting our vibrant culture and music.

Our Vision

To be the go-to radio station for all Acadians in Cape Breton seeking to deepen their connection with our culture and music, while giving a voice to our communities on local matters.

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Our Values


We honor the needs of the communities we serve, striving to create programming that reflects all our listeners.

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We operate with honesty in our programming and operations, ensuring authenticity and reliability.


We are committed to fairness among men, women, and all members of the regional Acadian population.


We are committed to fairness among men, women, and all members of the regional Acadian population.


We foster a welcoming and positive environment, encouraging our volunteers and staff to embrace openness and connection.

Meet The Team

Valerie: General Manager

Valerie’s heart beats in harmony with CKJM, blending community dedication with a melody of care and connection.

From student at CKJM to its programming lead, Valerie's roots in Chéticamp fuel her Acadian spirit. Merging music, psychology, and veterinary expertise, she returned to CKJM in 2017, blending local culture with fresh programming. Beyond the studio, she's a maman to two, seamlessly weaving family with community leadership. 

Justin: The Dynamic Voice Behind CKJM

Together with Valerie, he's at the forefront of bringing the Acadian spirit to life through the magic of radio.

Embarking on his radio journey as a co-op student at CKJM, Justin quickly tuned into his calling. After honing his skills in Broadcasting at Mohawk College in Ontario, he's been with CKJM ever since, becoming an indispensable part of our team. Every week, Justin brings life to the airwaves as the host of "Le Carillon" morning shows, captivating listeners with his vibrant energy and insightful programming. 

A founding member of CKJM, Daniel's unwavering presence has shaped the station for over 25 years.


His decade-long stint as an afternoon show host set a high standard for engaging content. Today, he focuses on journalism, delivering daily news articles and audio segments on, enriching the Acadian community with vital information and insights. Daniel's dedication to factual, in-depth reporting underscores his role as a key figure in our news coverage, making him an integral part of CKJM's commitment to informative and meaningful broadcasting.

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