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Your Beat to Acadian Culture!


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Embracing Our Roots and Rhythms at CKJM!

At CKJM, found on 106.1, 92.5, and 97.5 FM, we are the voice of Acadian culture and community, especially here in Cape Breton. Our bilingual broadcasts are a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary appeal, proudly showcasing our Acadian heritage and music. We offer a diverse range of programming, including local news, public announcements, and community-driven fundraising events, all presented in French.

 Our station is a gathering place for all ages, from those who have grown up with us to younger listeners discovering the rich Acadian rhythms. Join us at CKJM, where every note and word celebrates our shared history and community spirit, embodying the essence of 'C'que j'aime, c'que j'écoute'!

CKJM Pulse: Community News

CKJM Airwaves: Show Schedule

7am-10 am: Le Carillon by Justin Aucoin 

12.00-1 pm: Ton Jukebox Country

2pm - 6pm: L'Accalmie & Le Retour à la Maison

6pm - 7pm: Le Coup d'Archet by Claude Bourgeois

7pm - 9pm: Musique Variée by Wayne Aucoin 

9pm - 11pm: Émission ARCANB: Can-Rock 

Support our Waves

Radio Bingo

Play, Win, Support – Join CKJM's Radio Bingo for Fun and Community Contribution!

Every Friday at 7pm, CKJM's Radio Bingo brings fun and community spirit to the airwaves! Dial in, play along, and support local causes – it's your chance to win and give back. 


Join the 50/50 Club: Double the Fun, Support Your Station, Strengthen Your Community!

With just $2 a week, join in on the excitement and contribute to your community's heartbeat. Opt for convenience with prepaid options and don’t miss the thrill of the draw every Monday at 5:05 pm.


Support Our Radiothon: Tune In, Contribute, and Make a Difference in Our Community!

Join us for CKJM's Annual Radiothon, a celebration of community and support every October, around our anniversary. Enjoy a day filled with local hosts, live musical talent, and the spirit of giving.

CKJM Spirit Gear: Support us in Style

Dive into our goodies shop and discover a stylish way to support CKJM! From vibrant tees to cozy hoodies, each purchase not only adds Acadian flair to your wardrobe but also directly contributes to keeping your favorite radio alive and buzzing.

Connect with CKJM: We're Here for You!

We're all ears and ready to connect! Whether it's feedback, inquiries, or just sharing your enthusiasm for Acadian culture, fill out the form below to reach us. Your thoughts and questions are invaluable, and we're here to listen and respond. Let's make our community stronger, together. Reach out now — we're excited to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly!

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